Jasper Poker Dive

August 9 & 10, 2014

Jasper, Alberta.




Registration: Deadline “August 8, 2014.”


$30.00 for Divers….




Dive four (4) Jasper Lakes for fun and poker chip collections.


**Note** dinner will be at optional and is at Jasper Pizza at 5:30 pm. No Reservations…”First Come….First Served”


August 9/14.


08:30 am. Meet at the Lake Edith Parking Lot to confirm certification and register your “Buddy Team.. Compass Bearings will be confirmed at this time.


5:30 pm.  Social and Dinner At “Jasper Pizza”


August 10, 2014.


2:30 pm. Meet at Lake Edith Parking Lot. Trade your Chips for Cards. The Best hand takes the pot. The more chips you collect, the more the number of Participants…the larger the “Pot” Winner Takes all….the is no second place.


Collect your Poker Chips from Lake Annette.


  1. Start from the only dock on Lake Annette. Set your compass to _____ and swim 75 “Jack’s Kicks” the large rock cairn located in approximately 29 feet.


  1. Start from the Pedestal on the first parking lot “pull-out. Set your compass to____

And swim 60 “Jack’s Kicks” to the small rock cairn straight out the information Pedestal.

Chips will be in approximately 27 feet of water.


Collect your Chips from Lac Beauvert


  1. Start from the large rock located near chained gate. Set your compass_____ and swim approximately 70 kicks to the large rock fall located on your right. Look for the white anchor pail located in about 28 feet of water. Collect Golf Balls on this dive.


Collect your chips from Lake Edith.


  1. Drive to the “Main Lake Edith Parking Lot, also the site of the morning registration.
  2. Pack your gear to the sandy beach straight North of the main Parking Lot.
  3. Enter the water and Swim on bearing ______approximately 80-100 kicks to the YMCA Pedestal/Plaque of 1963. Yes there was scuba diving in the 1960’s….
  4. If your Navigation is weak, look for the yellow propylene rope on the bottom. It will lead you right to it.


Collect your chips from Horse Shoe Lake.


  1. Enter the water from highway side of the first horse shoe of the lake. Keep the non-jumping side of the lake on your right. Use compass bearing _____ to swim 80 kicks to ledge where you will find your chips in 30 feet of water. Watch out for the Cliff Jumpers.
  2. Have fun!





  1. You must be a “Certified Scuba Diver”
  2. You must pick up your own “Chips.”
  3. You must not “Move or Sabotage the Chip cash.
  4. You must be present at “Lake Edith Parking Lot” at 2:30 pm to exchange your chips for cards  and draw your “Wild Card.”
  5. Dive Safe and Have Fun!


Lake Maps are available from your “ Alberta Underwater Council’s Log Book” or will be available at the registration confirmation on Saturday morning at 8:30 am.



Registration Procedure:


Call or Drop into:


“Sub Sea Experience”

6930-104 Street

Edmonton, Alberta.

T6H 2L7

(780) 434-1433

Text (780) 913-8162


Email: contact@subseaexperience.com 

Email: jsubm@hotmail.com




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Warning:  Before you call anyone about Scuba Diving Lessons, Read This!

Did you know that not all "Learn To Dive Programs" are the same.

Yes, It is True.

Some would have you believe that it is all the same. Well, it is not. While the warm tropical coral reefs are alluring, the reality is that conditions around the world vary significantly. The skills required to dive the "Coastal Pacific" (British Columbia), the tropical Caribbean and a cold fresh water lake are all very different. Yes the basics are the same, but the skill, equipment and awareness levels are not.

Some would have you believe that the "Agency of Certification" is important. Since diver training is not "Government Regulated" (nor should it ever be), agencies have set minimum standards of training that they feel are necessary to produce safe and competent divers. But, what is good for Florida, does not work in California nor Alaska...as the conditions are very different, therefore the standards are very different. The "Can it and Clone It" philosophies might work in some industries, it does not work in ours. PADI and SSI are two of the largest training agencies in North America, they are not the only ones. In fact, there are over 250 different agencies worldwide that proclaim to offer Scuba Diver training. The "Con" of being a professional association is just that, a "Con." Very few agencies are actually "Professional Associations" most are private businesses that are franchised out  like a McDonalds or a Tim Horton's, thanks USA...

If you are ready to "Drink the Kool Aid, swallow the pill and park your brain at the door, just sign up for any lesson offered in your area. You don't know any better and your friend said that it was OK,  after all, he/she dove 4 dives in Mexico, they obviously knew what they were doing! By the time you have paid for your second or third course, you realize that the "gear and plastic pimps" have only their best interests at heart. They sold you that "Bargain regulator and B.C" at a super cheap price because they got it at a super cheap price. That "on line" equipment you bought on the internet was so cheap and the on-line reviews so favorable that you couldn't resist. You believe everything being posted on the internet, why would they lie? No professional in the industry would ever use that equipment. You soon realize that quality and value are never discounted.

Learning to dive is one of the most challenging and exhilarating skills that you will ever experience. To do it properly will cost you time, money and effort. While our "On-Line Courses" are available for free, they are only a supplement to our program. Nothing will ever take the place of a great, experienced instructor. It is our task to impart knowledge and experience to you so that you will have safe and enjoyable time learning to dive. Our pool sessions are designed to make the transition to Open Water diving as realistic and as seamless as possible. Do you really think that you can learn to dive in a 2 meter Pool?

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Learn to dive so that you can explore our planet "Oceanus" as water makes up over 3/4 of the earth's surface. You-tube, video, movies and television are great ambassadors for diving but are not the same as being there. Learn to Scuba dive.

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